Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life In General

I have been at REACH for two weeks now! I can't believe it's only been that long. It feels like I have been up here a lot longer then that. I haven't really gotten homesick that much, which I am thankful for. I am just liking being here right now. Danielle, a girl on my team really misses the kids she babysits. I feel bad for her.

So I am getting used to the schedule and everything. I got to take a three hour nap Friday. We had a free afternoon and I used it to catch up on some sleep. It felt sooo good! I have been so tired lately during my quiet time.

Last night we played a game called murder. It's where you turn the lights off and you have a murderer who tries to kill everyone by tapping people on the shoulder without being seen. If the murder is seen then the witnesses call the detective and testifies against who he or she thinks the murderer is. Anyway, so we played it last night and it gets really creepy. There's so much screaming, yelling and bodies falling! This house is perfect for this sort of thing. So many places to hide! Being is the basement is the worst, specially if your down there with three other people and all the sudden you discover they are the killer and kill you. Thankfully that didn't happen. It's really fun when the murderer is really good and kills without being seen. Then you can't trust anyone! Yeah so the house was alive, with screeching, laughing, and tables crashing! It was wild!

Tuesday we start our outreach here in the city at the ZONE. I am looking forward to that!

As far as how am I doing? Pretty good! I feel like I am really distracted. I can't seem to keep my mind on God. I mean, I am but sometimes it's just really hard. Hopefully in a couple weeks it will get better. Well, I should probably run. We have solo time in about an hour. I hope everything is going good for everyone at home and not at home. Miss and love you all!


  1. I've been reading your updates :) I'll be praying for you, especially since you said you seem to be distracted....
    Sounds like things are going well though!!! Yay for three hour naps!!! =D
    Take care!!!
    -Beth Nell

  2. UPDATE PLEASE!!! how's my samy jo doing by now!!!???

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  4. Sam,

    It seems that you are doing pretty good. I have been thinking about you and wondered if I can call you or if we could talk sometime?? Love you and keep your chin up. I know what you mean about the whole "Not being able to keep your mind on God" thing. I am doing a bible study at my church right now with the Ladies we are going through a book called Battlefield of the Mind. It is an amazing book. I think that you would really enjoy it. :) Well I need to run. If you need anyone to talk with give me a call I would love to hear from you! Love you ~Roni