Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hey Everyone, so I've been in REACH six days now!!! It's been pretty awesome! I already feel like I know everyone, or at least I am getting there. It's just pretty cool being here and making new friends.
So like the SEND House, where we are staying, is in the middle of the city. It's really different. I can't get used to the sirens and the lights shining through my window at night. I like being able to interact with people in the city though. Wed. we, the Thailand team, ate lunch with a homeless man in the park. It was so cool! So we like expected to minister to him, right? It was totally the opposite. No sooner had we sat down when he started telling us what he believed and just speaking truth. He was quoting scripture and we all just sat there and ate our lunch and gawked at this man! His wife died about ten years ago and so he gave everything he had away and now he's living on the streets. Pretty neat, huh? So yeah, I am going to be quite the city girl when by the time I get home. Walking the streets makes me kind of nervous, I am fine when I am with someone but I wouldn't want to go alone.
The house we are staying in is really cool! I love it! It really feels like home! I am bunking with five other girls. It's kind of crowded in our room as you can imagine, but we it's cool! Breakfast is always at 7:30, but on Sat. and Sun. so we have like ten minute showers. Then after breakfast we have quiet time and then a session till lunch and then another session after lunch. And of course there's other activities like prayer walks in the city and team meetings. There's a lot to keep you busy, plus all the reading and memorizing to keep up with. And then each team has a day of helping with the meals and washing dishes. Next week I hope I get used to the schedule a little more, so much to remember.
So yeah, that's a tiny bit of what our everyday schedule is. Well, I think I am going to run, looks like we are getting ready to play a game called murder! lol!

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  1. wow Sam! sounds so amazing! God is blessing you so much and I'm so happy for ya! may it only continue to get better! <3 ya girl!
    oh, and you will never be a city girl! ;)