Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Abundance Of America Is Affecting Even My Horse

Okay so, I've spent like what, half of my day on the computer playing with this thing? Starting to sound like someone else I know! ;) But I did manage to pull myself out of bed this morning at a decent hour and go riding! And is my horse fat or what? At least she's not lazy! But anyway, I took her across the road and ran her amongst the bales. It was really fun, like I'd cut her her one direction and then cut her back the other way! Shoot, I could maybe barrel race after all!...yeah right.
Just reminded myself I am cleaning the church tomorrow. The humble job. And as Derek says, "Sammy, she just cleans." I told him he just majorly lowered my ego!! As if it could get any lower!
Nine days till I leave!!!

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